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Mondays Silent Yoga with Mishiah

Mondays 6pm 

"Students practice Silent Yoga wearing noise-canceling headphones. Because the music and cues are funneled directly into students' ears, there is less room for outside distraction. Practicing yoga this way creates and encapsulates individual experience.

Silent Yoga is a moving guided meditation suitable for all levels. The headphones anchor attention to sound, and easily understood cues anchor attention in the body. Students focus on being rather than thinking - stilling the mind while moving the body.

Intentional focus is the foundation of any meditative practice. Meditation becomes more manageable when students withdraw from the other senses, namely - sight.

Relying on the instructor or another student to shadow is a shortcut - a shortcut AROUND presence. I encourage students to focus only on hearing and feeling while actively remaining withdrawn from visual information. When attention slips outward - draw it back in, repeat.

The self and the body are the most indispensable elements of life. Only by becoming aware and present to the essential can we filter out the extra (shit we don't need). Silent Yoga is an opportunity to practice self- and body-awareness, which will, in turn, cultivate focus on the essential while living life off the mat.

Also - the playlist smacks, and my voice is hella soothing."  -Mishiah

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